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:iconsauto-0chka:Sauto-0chka 73 167
Tsukishima Kei x Reader |Concede|
There are many things you aren't exactly proud of.
Your procrastination habits, eating one too many sweets, accidentally staying up all night to finish a stupid show; those are just the tip of the iceberg.
Those were all things you could deal with in small portions. But this, was too shameful, even for you. Your pride was never all that bolstered to begin with, so it'll be impressive to see what shreds of it remain after they're torn apart in a few moments.
Wary eyes gaze down towards your phone, the dim screen being the only source of light in your room. Currently, you're hiding underneath your covers, in a makeshift fort. If only it could hide you from the terrifying future that lies ahead of you.
You look at the time, as it turns to midnight. A sigh of defeat leaves your lips, as you begin to reconsider your options.
'I wonder if it's too short notice to get an airplane ride over to Germany, and start my new life. Free of this humiliation.'
Your Google search history r
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 179 33
Cat Naps || Tetsuro Kuroo x Reader
A/N: I got such a good feedback from my first Haikyuu!! fic that I really wanted to try another on. So here's to all the cuddly Tets!
There are probably 101 fanfictions with the same name of Kuroo but I am mainstream as hell so I titled it this anyway. 
You woke slowly to a soft snoring and a heap of unruly black hair on your chest. You knew that could be one of two things. If not your cat, your boyfriend disguised as your cat. Looking down you saw him, on your chest sleeping away. His black brows were furrowed making him look as if he were concentrating on something and you couldn't help but smile at your six foot cat boyfriend. 
You pulled your arm from under the blanket and raised it to run your slim finger through his hair. Kuroo's hair was always so soft and silky. You loved chances like this to feel th
:iconshyysama:shyysama 101 12
Tsukishima x Reader /Apologise
Tsukishima Kei
"And one more thing! Don't bother talking to me ever again!" [Name] roared and dashed away as fast as she could. Tsukishma calmly watched his girlfriend running away from him. She was mad at him all day and now this.... 'Women really are too complicated' he thought and picked up his bag. 'So troublesome... What have I even done wrong anyway? It would have been easier if she had told me that'.
"Tsukki?" hearing the familiar voice Tsukishima turned around to face his friend. "I thought you were supposed to go home with [Name]-chan today...'' Yamaguchi asked him puzzled.
"I thought so too..." Tsukishima sighed and pushed up his glasses. "But [Name] is pretty angry at me and I have no clue why... She has just run away from me"
"You should apologise" Yamaguchi announced and smiled. "This should help"
"Why should I apologise? I haven't done anything to make her angry, I'm sure about that. I won't do it. It's pointless...'' Tsukishima got irritated. It wasn't his fault! "She sh
:iconakirapinkfloyd:AkiraPinkFloyd 25 3
Fifth Day Of Christmas |Kei Tsukishima x Reader|
    The cafe is relatively quiet. The seats are mostly empty, the shop vacant except for the few staff who loiter behind the counter and a few pairs of customers. It’s warm inside — a sharp contrast to the icy breeze that circulates through the air outside — the result of a small gas heater that rests in the far corner. Not many dare to brave the conditions outside, no doubt wrapped up in bed, protected from the harsh cold by layers of blankets.
    The seats of the booth are a faded brown leather, covered in small blemishes left by previous customers. Each imperfection is a story, something most people are oblivious to, something you find intriguing. Your fingers brush over the soft surface, admiring the sensation it elicits. A small smile graces your lips as you observe the cafe, drinking in the pleasant atmosphere it has created within it’s walls. 
    You don’t even hear his approaching footsteps, only
:iconerraticferret:ErraticFerret 46 2
Ninth Day Of Christmas |Tobio Kageyama x Reader|
    Moving houses was not the way you'd planned to spend the week leading up to Christmas, or Kageyama’s birthday. It sort of just happened. You and your husband had been on the hunt for a new home for a long time, but nothing had drawn you in until now. It was absolutely perfect in every way, from the size and layout to the backyard. Everything you'd been looking for, the ideal house to start a family in.
    As one can imagine, it’s been a fairly stressful ordeal. Amazingly, ridding yourself of your current apartment had been the easiest part, happening almost instantly with a line of potential buyers battling for the floor. Then had come the packing, again, relatively easy. What you hadn't though of, though, was that the furniture trucks could possibly be delayed on the trip between your old, stingy apartment and your new dream house. 
    Which lead you to your current predicament; sitting in a practically empty house wi
:iconerraticferret:ErraticFerret 42 5
Third Day Of Christmas |Yuu Nishinoya x Reader|
    “Oi, hand me those silver lights over there?”
    Huffing exhaustedly, you trudge over to yet another box of coloured christmas decorations. You pull open the package before digging through the mixture of cords. Your eyes widen victoriously, a smirk gracing your lips as your focus comes to rest on a set of white bulbs. Bundling the length of bulbs in your arms, you turn and make your way back over to Nishinoya.
    At the sound of your approaching footsteps, he turns his head slightly and regards the decorations before smiling enthusiastically, confirming that you chose the correct ones. He takes a few steps down the ladder before placing one hand on the pale wall for balance and reaching the other down towards you. You eagerly drop the bundle into his outstretched palm before taking a step back.
    After returning to his earlier position he locates t
:iconerraticferret:ErraticFerret 32 2
christmas shopping. | tsukishima kei
christmas shopping. | tsukishima kei x gn!reader
☆ college!au of sorts
Tsukishima can list about a million other things he'd rather do right now, and he really can. Because anything would be better than having to go Christmas shopping Bokuto and Kuroo.
Tsukishima just wants to stay nested in the warmth of their shared apartment, but his annoying roommates wouldn't let him have that because they wanted to go to the mall; Kuroo because he is a sucker for sales and bargains, and Bokuto because he likes buying useless trinkets in the gift shop at the mall.
The blond lets out a long suffering sigh.
"You don't need to buy new one, we still have the ones from last year and it's practically the same," Tsukishima complains when Bokuto points to silver-blue Christmas ornaments on display as they walk pass a shop.
"But, dude, it's different! This one's glittery! Glittery balls!" Bokuto says loudly, capturing the attention of a few shoppers near them. They send the boys angry l
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 261 67
new year //tsukishima kei x reader//
<<Tsukishima is 25 and reader is 23>>
Green… blue… yellow…

The neon colors of the fireworks amidst the darkness of the midnight sky was definitely a breath taking sight to stand under. To have your long time friends surround you in a moment so surreal. Everything about the past year was flashing through your mind almost subconsciously, including everything you wouldn’t want to reminisce.
Whatever the past year has been like, you’ve never stood right under the lights of the monument they call the Tokyo tower.


Never before have you gotten the chance to come to this city of lights, and now that you have, there’s nothing you can define as more beautiful than the very moment you were in.
what’s that sou…nd..?’

You turn in the direction of where it came from, only to find your two best friends you came here with, kissing, sound of tongues meeting and wha
:iconmahoomii:mahoomii 60 7
+LOST AT SEA+ :iconc2ndy2c1d:C2ndy2c1d 3,044 246
Mine - Tsukishima Kei x READER
You were looking forward to your date, you spent a lot of time getting ready from the makeup, switching from outfit to outfit to find the perfect one and you didn’t even want to think about the time that you spent fixing your hair. Yet, right now it seemed that all that time has gone to waste, because while your date agreed to meet here at the park at six, he had not shown up…and it was already seven.
You understood if he would be half an hour late, but an hour late with no text or Tsukishima to tell you that he was going to be late meant one thing…he had stood you up. You wished he had told because at least that way you would have saved the time you spent preparing for this failed date.
You got up from the bench, and walked home to your apartment, glad that you were actually a walking distance from the park. You were angrily cussing your date out, how dare he just stand you up like that, he had some nerve to do that to you. You were walking up the stairs to your apar
:iconmoonlight53:Moonlight53 258 19
we found love | tsukishima
listen to this.
birthday gift for
minakurosaki !!! <3
His back, a welcome warmth, pressed against your own like a golden flame. A delicate sigh danced over your lips.
For now, he was by your side.
"Kei?" you whispered, brows furrowed.
A groan, coupled with the shuffling of long legs.
Silence, muffled by the white sheets and the endless pillows that you persisted on buying.
"Remember how we met?"
A rustle.
"How could I not?" your husband replied after a short pause, irritation clear in his voice. "I'm not stupid like the King or Hinata."
You smiled softly.
"Tomorrow's the four-year anniversary."
The blonde grunted.
You could practically see his eyebrows raised in apprehension.
"You realize, I've only known you for a short time, Kei. If relationships were determined by length, you might as well have married Akiteru."
There was a choked noise from behind you, evoking a short laugh from your sleep-p
:iconiwaizumihajimeme:iwaizumihajimeme 66 19

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